Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Jaunt to Man-O-War Cay

While the weather was conducive to go Walkabout, we went to visit Barb and Barry on Beach Cruiser, but since it was a spur of the moment trip, they weren't home. It was still wonderful to enter the harbor and see the waterfront, all guarded by a sentinel Great Blue Heron.

We made the most of the trip though, and walked some of the flower lined streets on the way to the grocery store. Every island in the Abacos are a little different, but we feel that MOW is definitely the prettiest and cleanest.

We couldn't leave without seeing the old New Horizon, now named Island Time. Wow, does it look good all shined up and sporting a new flybridge bimini and enclosure.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, Scott the owner, has to sell it. He is heartbroken. Whoever buys it next (not us) will get an exceptional boat.

Touring around made us really miss being there longer, so we've decide to come back in the near future and spend overnight on Walkabout to explore more thoroughly, almost like old times. 

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