Tuesday, November 24, 2015

All In A (Few) Day's "Work"

The wind is supposed to howl for at least a week. It's time to catch up on some projects. Dave is prepared for anything that needs fixing or installing with his ice chest toolbox and his work area.

He decided to fix Walkabout's leaking water hose, which leaked all the pressurized fresh water into the bilge. As usual, one thing led to another and he discovered a broken thru-hull fitting under the galley sink. What a tight spot to get into and his body and hands were hurting. It took two of us to complete the project and the marina had a fitting that cost less than the U.S.

On to the 'honey do' list at the sailing club, where Dave mortared the top of the rock planter, so the stones wouldn't be loose anymore. Next he shoveled all the sand from the walkway and made sluice-ways for rain on the sides, while I filled up a steep drop-off on dangerous corner with the excess sand.

We also helped Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue move the new pontoons for their huge rescue inflatable. The old pontoons only lasted 8 years in the sun and harsh environment. The new ones weighed about 900 lbs and cost $19,000. Thank goodness for fundraising events!

This is the boat that Dave rode from Hope Town to Marsh Harbour in (on a backboard) when he had his accident, so it was fitting that he helped with the lifting...because he is lucky that he still can!

And tomorrow's another day...

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