Sunday, November 29, 2015

Box Cart Derby 2015

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is Box Cart Derby day here on Elbow Cay. It was time to drag out Rat Sass, fix its flat tire, and head on down to the races at Big Hill. Dave's three wheel entry is now famous, because not only did he get something like 5th place in the downhill this year, but our friend K. had a flawless and fast run on the slalom course and came in 2nd!
The look of concentration...

 Dave won both of his heats.
 Strategy planning and making sure the course obstacles are in a straight line.

Here are a few other imaginative entries including the Flintstones, which was a huge hit, but rather slow. 

Some of the juniors made their own kit carts, but they didn't quite make it all the way down the hill so the finish line was moved up...and that was with someone giving them a push start.

This is always one of the most fun days of the season. Plus, now that everyone has seen that Rat Sass is competitive, there are plans to streamline it even further. Watch out for Dave (and K.!) during next year's race!

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