Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hog Heaven

It's been two years since we've ventured past Whale Cay, and since then pigs have been put on No Name Cay off Green Turtle. This has become quite a tourist attraction and destination. We have been anxious to get up there to see them, but it's too far in the skiff. One of the reasons we acquired the Proline is to head north and it was a perfect day to "go Walkabout." Nothing beats going through Don't Rock Passage at 25 miles an hour!

Arriving at No Name, we grabbed the camera, some bread, and a jug of water. About half a dozen pigs of various sizes came running from all over the beach.


There is a man from Green Turtle that makes sure they have food and water, but cruisers and tourists are encouraged to bring more to supplement the supply. 

They were quite aggressive and came out into the water, so Dave threw the food on shore. One of them we named 'Big Mama', and she would chase the rest away. Boy, were there lots of piggy screams!

Then Dave got out the fresh water and they loved drinking right from the jar.

After they were fed and watered, it was nap time for some and others just cooled off in the water.

We joined them for a leisurely swim and it was just so funny having these big pigs wading with us and then sleeping in the sand in the background.

What an experience we won't soon forget. Walkabout was priceless!

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  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun! So far no snow! Thank goodness! Have fun and be safe!

    -Tim Bopp