Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We are so glad we took advantage of the calm weather and went on some excursions while the weather allowed. Now the wind is howling so it's time for projects around the apartment. Our new shell valance curtains are up and we have replaced the threadbare cushion covers. I wasn't sure I liked the dark valances once they were up, but they really help keep it cooler inside with the early morning sun coming in the front window and the late afternoon sun coming in the side window.

The master bedroom still needs photos on the walls, but it's hard to find pictures that big for over the bed. I still love my fish quilt that we used to have on the boat. The European style air conditioners are efficient and quiet because most of the unit is outside. We never used any of them last year, but have mainly used the one in the bedroom at night so far this fall.

The spare in it holds all our spare parts, has been transformed (and the junk hidden for the photo) with new blue paint instead of the old dark yellow, and white shell curtains to brighten up the place. Some people have a junk drawer, but we have to have a junk room! As an added bonus, the king bed may be too soft for night sleeping, but perfect for a nap, since this is in the back corner of the apartment away from all the daily commotion of the marina.
When I took a break to write this post, I heard a banaquit trying to land on the hummingbird feeder on the porch. He better hang on because it is swinging so much in the 30 knots of wind that it may come off the hook. Now it's time for me to head back into the cabinets to finish replacing the shelf paper, while Dave is out helping friends get their car running. See, life is normal here sometimes!


  1. It's looks roomy and comfortable...and won't sway in the breeze. 😉

  2. It's looks roomy and comfortable...and won't sway in the breeze. 😉