Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Calm AFTER the Storm

It seems like Tropical Storm Kate sucked all the wind out of the Bahamas when it left here. Today was flat calm and we took advantage of it. It started at 9 AM when we went swimming in the Hideaways pool to cool off after taking all the cardboard coffins and decorations from the sailing club's haunted house, to the garbage truck. It was the warmest we have ever felt that pool. Then after helping Will move his Abaco Dinghy from the top of the storage rack and another swim in the pool, we headed out to do some snorkeling off the castle of Tilloo Cay.

The caves...
Dave had to swim the boat out to a bit deeper water with the anchor. 

The snorkeling was pretty good for a small inshore reef, and we saw many french angelfish and parrotfish. It wasn't quite clear enough to take any good underwater photos though. After zooming along the shore of Lubbers Quarters and a trip into White Sound, a calm day would not be complete without...waterskiing! Sorry the photo is blurry but it's hard driving, being the spotter, and being a photographer all at the same time. Not only did he slalom ski, but he did it twice.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another perfect day and we'll be out exploring again.

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