Tuesday, December 29, 2015

All The Rage

For the first time in two years, the Abaco Rage was hauled out of the water and in the boatyard for painting and maintenance on the boat and rig.

The crew had to wait for the forklift to arrive to put the boat back in the water on launch day. Dave made this cradle for the Rage to sit in while being worked on.

This is the heaviest boat that the boatyard retrieves and launches. It is quite a sight seeing in hanging from the forklift.

Then it was time to put the mast up, which is always scary. It takes about 6-8 guys to help lift and balance it, but then the forklift moved it with a single point lift. You can see the wood mast bending.

The tide was high, so they had a difficult time getting it to be vertical and at the right height to go over to the boat and clear the deck.

 Eric waited for the mast to be placed, so he could secure it below the deck.

Next it was rigged and the boom and prys were attached, but I have no photos of the process because I had to go volunteer at the lighthouse. All went well and there were no issues with tangles like last time.

Today there was a Rage FUNdraiser lunch at the park and I went over to sell T-Shirts for awhile. 

Some of the mighty crew volunteered also.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Hope Town Sailing Club's racing season and the Rage is ready to sail and WIN!

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