Saturday, December 5, 2015


That's what Dave's tool bag says on the front of it. Most of you know that's what his initials are, but since the tool 'kit' looks more like a doctor's bag we have decided that DDP aptly stands for Doctor of Diverse Projects. 

You've seen the wall project at the sailing club along with the rescue inflatable, and we have done more work on both. Dave is in the process of making new steps for the clubhouse (we also put a tin roof on the rain soaked back portion of the gazebo, cleaned mildew, and decorated the place for Christmas).

Then it was payback time for his 'ride' in the rescue inflatable again by helping to secure the pontoons onto the hull. The bow is the hardest part to line everything up.

We tried to get the outboard engine running, since it has been sitting for a couple of years. It took both us to unscrew the fuel filter to check for water. It needs a new filter so we didn't get it anyway.

And the wind blows on...with quite a bit of rain thrown in too. Blame it on El Nino, but at least it is warm out. Thank goodness "there is a 'doctor' in the house" to keep us busy!

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