Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kayak Express Southbound

When we loaded up the kayaks and went Walkabout this morning, it was flat calm out. By the time we got to Little Harbour, the ocean swell was coming in and smashing on the rocky spit of land at the mouth of the harbor, creating quite surge, even inside the protected harbor. We didn't venture outside like last year, but it was still fun paddling around, and it sure was quiet!

 Famous Pete's Pub was closed today, so we had the place to ourselves.

Swim up bar? In our case, paddle up to the picnic table.
The Johnston Bronze Foundry was closed also, but they sure have great statues out front that were made there. 

Selfie with the caves in the background.

You can see how big these caves are with Dave in front of them.

Trying to take photos of the numerous turtles around is even harder than taking photos of dolphins surfacing! Oops, just missed this one...

We did find our first prize from the El Faro...a full mayonnaise jar! Seriously, quantities of items such as mayonnaise, Frontline, Snickers and M&Ms, and sealed syringes have been washing up on Abaco's beaches for the past several weeks. It is all coming from the freighter 'El Faro' that sank off the lower Bahamas in Hurricane Joaquin. These items that were bound for Puerto Rico are coming out of the containers that are deteriorating 3 miles below the ocean's surface. This jar missed the beach and floated into the harbor.

We wanted to go snorkeling at the reef in the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park, but the surge and current was just too much to attempt it. You can see how much fun we had though, speeding along at 25 mph with the kayaks nestled across the back of the boat. Next trip will hopefully be back north again. Stay tuned..zoom zoom!

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