Friday, December 11, 2015

One Step Closer...Dandy's On The Move Again!

We received an offer that we couldn't with restoring our Abaco Dinghy! With all the other projects we have been working on for the sailing club (and having some fun when the weather allows), Dandy has not been given the high priority that it should have. Heinz and Will have restored both of their own dinghies and are ready to take on the next project. It's time for Dandy to be added to the growing fleet of locally made wood dinghies that are back out sailing. The only thing is that the boat had to get to their work area, instead of here at the boatyard. Thankfully our marina and boatyard's  manager has a golf cart with a trailer hitch, so Dandy went for a trail ride over the hill to the next marina over.

Tight fit under this gazebo though, and we had to add more weight to the golf cart to get overhead clearance.

Almost there, but the path was narrow. Good thing we have this trailer. Another lucky thing is that we didn't get in trouble for traveling on the marina dock because the manager of the marina is the son of our marina/boatyard's managers!

Heinz and Dave discuss details of the restoration process while the boats are covered with tarps to protect them from all the rain we continue to have.

Dandy sure has had its share of moves in its lifetime, especially since we have owned it. Some day soon though, it will hopefully look like Will's dinghy 'Mac & Cheese'!

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