Sunday, December 27, 2015


Work on our Abaco Dinghy is flying right along! Dave has all the floor boards and loose trim pieces painted coral.

The hull has been refastened with bronze screws by Heinz and Will. Originally they were brass, and in Ticonderoga we replaced the ones below the waterline with stainless screws. It apparently wasn't quite right, but is now up to par.

The transom has been puttied and primed. Dave has also strengthened the ribs inside.

We have retrieved the mast, boom, and rudder from storage and Dave has been painting them. The hull still needs to be caulked, sanded, and painted, but it will be in the water sooner than expected! Even the name boards are ready to go.

Dandy will soon be joining Midget of Abaco and Mac & Cheese...

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