Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wind? What Wind?

After over a week of wind and rain, the clouds started to break up this morning. At 9 AM I was already out kayaking..

Just me and the turtles and terns in the Sea of Abaco.

Oh yes, and the ferry heading back to Marsh Harbour...

I sure would love to have this anchor in my yard!

Rocky's Sea Pearl that we trailered to the Port of Palm Beach, made it over here and is all rigged up.

Whatever floats your boat...or in this case, your island house!

The bridge to nowhere, built wide enough for golf carts, but just ends in the wilderness on Mouth of the Harbour Cay.

This small creek that runs under the bridge used to go all the way through to the pond where we keep our boats, but it's now clogged with mangroves. The tide still runs through it and there are tons of fish in the current.

It doesn't get much calmer than this...

Wow, I sure am looking forward to more days like today!

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