Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sailing With The Famous

Dave and the hard core Sunfish racers have been getting the boats and rigs ready for today's first race series of the season. He races with some pretty famous and noteworthy sailors, including our friend Colin. Colin just finished racing his Swan 62 in the Rolex Sydney Hobart race in Australia, finishing 1st in one class and 3rd in another after the handicaps were tallied. This is amazing considering 1/3 of the 103 boats that entered had to drop out due to severe weather conditions and gear failure or damage. When Colin finished in Tasmania, he got to the dock and immediately jumped on a plane to get back to Hope Town to race Sunfish! He and Dave posed for a photo, while Peter concentrated on his rig repairs. Even though Colin owns his own Sunfish, he made sure he was there to help with the club boats, so everyone was ready to race.

Off they go out of the harbor. What an exceptional group of competitors!

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