Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Extension Project

Although Walkabout runs just fine, we couldn't help but notice that it cavitates in any kind of waves. We are pretty sure that's why the former owner sold it after owning it for a short time. Dave did some research and discovered that there are extensions available for the lower unit that will make it sit in the water further and not be so prone to 'catching air.' We had the boat hauled out in the boatyard while we were back in Florida, so this was the perfect time to install the extension.

It took Jim, Gus, and Dave (thanks guys!) to get the job done...of course while I am writing this, they are still working on it with a few complications to overcome.

This is a photo of the extension piece. Dave bought new seals to help with the black exhaust leak.
The seals were really hard to install and kept falling out, so Jim said, "let's duct tape it on until it's in the engine!" Yeehaw!  Unfortunately the duck tape didn't hold when Gus picked it up, and they had to start again. A duct tape failure..unheard of. 

When the project is done, we have a 4 bladed prop to replace the three bladed one (more power to get up on a plane), so we'll soon be set for more adventures....once the winter winds stop blowing.

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