Saturday, January 9, 2016

Whatever Floats

It's not only boats that float around the harbor. Friends of ours are building a new house and the first order of business was to purchase a rainwater catchment tank. Now the tanks come in plastic, although some cisterns are made out of concrete and built into foundations of the buildings. Since Carol & John's home will be right on the Sea of Abaco shoreline, they have opted for plastic to help prevent saltwater intrusion should there be high tides or hurricanes. The tank was delivered by the freight boat to the public dock and it was up to the owners to get it to their lot. Being sailors, they tied long dock lines around it and launched it off the dock into the water. With the help of friends and dinghies, they then floated it out of the harbor and over to their spit of land.
The ingenuity of cruisers!

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