Monday, February 8, 2016

Dandy's Paparazzi Day

Dave is my guest writer this time...Today was a pretty monumental day for us and our newly launched Abaco Dinghy, DANDY.  The boat is being featured in a national magazine called ''Small Boats Monthly'' and is published by WOODENBOAT MAGAZINE. There was a great photo shoot and sail today, and it was a ''Chamber-of-Commerce'' day here in Hope Town Harbour.  I ran the ''Safari'' as photo/chase boat, with the photographer, and the actual journalist sailed ''Dandy'', his first foray in Abaco Dinghy sailing, and incidentally an item on his bucket list. 

We all had a blast and ''Dandy'' certainly kicked up her heels and wowed the onlookers.  The pure number of images taken were staggering and I have no idea how they cull through them all to make their selections. Of course the HT Lighthouse was in the background of many of the shots, giving a world class feeling to this big day for us. It truly is a dream come true as many of you have followed the journey of this restoration and relocation of this iconic dinghy.  '' Dandy'' lives right here in the marina for all of the visitors to see and photograph. It is really cool to look off our balcony and see all the attention it gets!!

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