Friday, February 19, 2016

"Do Unto Others...

As you would have them do unto you." We try to live by this motto and it has been especially important in the past couple of weeks. We have been tow-ee and tow-er quite a bit lately, even in small boats. That's what this community is all about.

One afternoon, Dave and Jim took our daysailer Suja out and the wind died as the sun was setting and the guys were in the choke point of the entrance channel (plus the ferry was trying to get around them). Immediately, Muffin got in her dinghy and pushed them not only into the harbor, but all the way back to the beach where the boat lives. Do you think they all knew I was taking photos from our porch?

The next two afternoons, Ken and Noah's engine died on their dinghy and Dave towed them back to the dock. 

At this point, I would much rather be on the giving end then the receiving end of the towline. FYI, Walkabout is hauled out once again (we had to tow it over to the haul-out well in 25 knots of wind). Dave has found that other engines like ours, made in that year, have had issues with exhaust overheating and when the extension was installed there was that much less cooling. The rubber around the prop hub melts and the prop is spun. This time one of the seals is deformed too. However, there is an upgrade kit to help this problem. It just makes us wonder why this hasn't happened before (Ken and Dave crossed the Gulf Stream!). Plus to add insult to injury, we just found out that our new 4 bladed prop that we sent to be fixed, cracked when they tried to press in the new hub, so it is unusable. Hey, they didn't charge us though! LOL We just sent over the three bladed prop and it is stainless so they assured us that stainless props cannot crack...we'll see.

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