Saturday, February 20, 2016


Today was the 30th Annual Man-O-War Flea Market to benefit the local primary school. We try not to miss this event, as this quiet island turns into a maelstrom of activity for the day. This year was exceptionally good with more people selling their wares.

Since Walkabout is out of commission, we went with Heinz and Jacqueline aboard their 21ft. walkaround Whippersnapper. Dave couldn't resist playing a game of NASCRAB with Heinz. It was so cute how the kids had dressed up the hermit crabs with paint, 'jewels', and feathers.

Dave chose one that was really lively in the pen, but once on the race course, it wouldn't move. Heinz's however was immediately on the move and easily won the race. 

What a fun event for a great cause.

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