Tuesday, February 16, 2016


When I wrote the last post about the clouds and wind returning, I never expected the deluge of rain to go with it. Between last night's rain and wind and today's squalls, we have received about 4" of precipitation. The cistern and water tanks here at the marina are overflowing, and the excess runs out a pipe at the base of our stairs to the apartment. This area was flooded and it looks like it needs some goldfish swimming around!

There was so much water, it backed up into the laundry room and was flowing out the door... 

The water is pouring out of the boatyard and into the harbor, which makes for good drainage. There are waves in the stream heading to the docks.

The trees and ground can't absorb fast enough because it is mostly rock under the small amount of soil.  The little boy in Dave couldn't resist playing in the puddle under the corkwood trees.

All the Abaco Dinghies had to be pumped out and luckily our skiff bilge pump continued to work without getting stuck on or off (which has been known to happen), and Walkabout's bilge and cabin were dry too.

Looks like we may have to check everything again with lots more rain on the horizon!

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