Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rage To Be Famous

The original reason that a journalist and photographer came to Hope Town was to write a feature article on the Abaco Rage for WoodenBoat Magazine. What a windy race day for Randy Peffer (the journalist) to experience what it's like to sail on this iconic wooden boat with all its idiosyncrasies. I fixed up Jay (the photographer) to be part of the mark boat crew, so that he didn't have to go out on the rough water in just a little skiff. Jay ended up taking something like 2200 images, including one of Dave underwater while cleaning the bottom of the Rage. I have received special permission to use these two photos with credit and thanks to Jay Fleming/WoodenBoat.

When Dave was giving some background information to Randy about the Rage, he mentioned the fact that there are several other wooden boats that were built and still live in Man-O-War, where the Rage was also built, and that there has also been a revival of Abaco Dinghies here in Hope Town. Randy then decided that he would do a sidebar feature on the MOW boats and the dinghies, and our Dandy was mentioned. That's when he felt that a whole Abaco Dinghy feature in Small Boats Monthly was in order, and it was promptly approved by the magazine. Hence the blog post that Dave wrote (see below). I will be sure to post when the magazine articles are released!

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