Monday, March 14, 2016

Admirable Results

Time for a quick bottom cleaning in preparation for yesterday's Abaco Dinghy races. Even though Dandy has anti-fouling paint below the waterline, it still gets a bit of growth and a scum line from sitting in the saltwater. The little beach by the lighthouse sure is a picturesque spot to perform the task of careening the boat. It looks historical and very Bahamian!

It was an excellent sailing day and Dave came in 2nd over the finish line in the first race, 5th in the second race (slow start), and 3rd in the third race. Competition was fierce at the windward mark, especially between Heinz and Dave. After the handicaps were tallied, he placed 4th overall, out of seven boats. That really is good because Dandy is all original and most of the other boats are all modified with higher masts or longer keels and rudders to help them go faster.

Even Winer Malone, builder of the dinghies, was at the awards presentation for the Reingold Trophy (Will sailing Mac & Cheese won and Janet Reingold presented him the trophy with Winer sitting next to them).

What a memorable race day!

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