Wednesday, April 6, 2016

All That Glitters...

Is not gold. In fact some is silver, as in Silver Glen Springs in the Ocala National Forest. The water there is so clear and the bottom sparkles from deposits that look like silver.

That is Dave in the distance getting into the 72 degree water. The colors reminded us of Abaco.

The springs are part of a tributary that leads to Lake George, which is certainly much different than our Lake George in NYS. We have kayaked this before and as it closer to the lake, the water becomes increasingly tannic and brown. Boats come up to the head of the spring to anchor and enjoy the clear water.

We took a short hike and found this other 'blue hole' with fish galore swimming inside of it.

We followed this trail looking for more 'boilers'.

What we found were these small springs boiling up through the sand. It's hard to see it in photos, but it was mesmerizing.

At least we didn't run into any alligators or bears in our travels, especially the bears that they say are 'active' here.

It's sure is great having Dave back to go exploring again!

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