Friday, April 22, 2016

Working Hard

We have been working hard to get our properties in shape following the winter season. Their are tons of leaves to rake, but my favorite part is using the Billy Goat push blower which makes the clean up so much faster. Chainsawing has been needed as trees broke off in high winds, blocking many of our trails. We spent a couple of days up north also (the earliest we have ever opened up the house), and it was already time to mow that fertile lawn. As a treat, we even went to see a Brit Floyd concert in Burlington. What a fantastic show! You would never know that it wasn't Pink Floyd, including the light show.

So now it's back to yard work and scraping and painting the peeling paint on the 'Ranch House'. It's great to be home though, seeing friends and enjoying all our animal and bird life. "Spring has sprung" and I will resume posting when we get back to our fun activities. Stay tuned!

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