Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Worth the Trip

Sunday was a beautiful day for a hike in the Adirondacks. The wind was brisk but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We decided to go to Shelving Rock Falls near Ft. Ann. It is almost 11 miles down a side road that turns into a very dusty washboard dirt road, but well worth the trip. Unfortunately, MANY others thought it was a gorgeous day for a hike too. There are several different parking areas for the different trails and all were not only filled, but the sides of the very narrow road were taken up also, despite no parking signs. We made a good decision to explore to the end of the road that leads to some of the gorgeous private homes along Lake George (I certainly wouldn't call them camps), because when we turned around and came back, there was an open parking spot at the falls parking area. The hike is more of a walk along an old carriage road next to the creek and very easy to traverse.

It's only about half a mile to the falls, which looks to have been dammed up at some point for perhaps a mill. The water was very deep before heading over the edge and Dave wondered if there wasn't a big water wheel in the past.

It wasn't too hard getting down to the base of the falls, and well worth climbing down the rocks. This place must be mobbed during the hot summer days.

 You can tell there hasn't been much rain or snow melt runoff.

We then continued the trail down towards Lake George.
There was a lone boat anchored out in Log Bay, doing some early spring cruising. All during the summer months this bay is THE place to hang out in your boat and it is a "wall to wall" party. Today it was serene and out of that chilly north wind.

Next time we head up that way we will explore the summit trail, but definitely not on a weekend. Click HERE for more information on these hikes.

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