Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back In The 'Saddle' Again

The weather is warming up and we decided to exercise a couple more watercraft. Actually, Dave exercised the SeaDoo while I exercised myself in my kayak.

Once again, because it is still early and very few boats and docks have been put in the water, there was barely a soul on the lake. Dave zoomed all the way down to Silver Bay and I found a pair of loons near the middle of the upper lake.

We were only out for a little over an hour, because the water is still chilly (even though we were on it and not in it). As we were hauling out the SeaDoo, this brand new locally built HackerCraft was being test driven.

With its strange design, having stern drives no less, we had a feeling that it was being built as a tender for a mega yacht. You could tell by how the crew member drives from the front and the guests are all protected in the cabin, almost like a water taxi or ferry. As we walked to the stern of the boat we found we were correct when we saw the name...T/T (Tender To) Freedom!

We talked to the builders and found out that Freedom is a 230ft. Benetti and is available for charter. Anyone want to go on a little trip? Just land your helicopter on the roof and away we go!

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