Friday, May 13, 2016

Ready, Willing, & Able

Our first 75 degree day up north and we couldn't resist getting Moxie ready to launch. Time to put in all seven of its drain plugs, get it running, and flush out the pink antifreeze.

We figured the conditions couldn't have been better for a quick jaunt on the water, so we launched the boat and stayed out for an hour. What a chilly difference with the light breeze off the water. I wonder what the mathematical formula is for determining the actual temperature and wind chill, considering the air was 75 degrees, the water was 53, and we were traveling at 25 mph. I call it brrrrr...definitely not time to go swimming yet! I even counted at least 42 turtles hanging out in the sun on one of the rock islands, so apparently they think the water's cold too. LOL I wish we had the camera with us, but we'll try again for the next outing.

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