Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Project Continues

It has been a challenge working on the veranda project, especially with all the rain and chilly weather we have been having. Once a cold front came through today (with more rain!) we were able to complete the stringers that the metal roof will be attached to. We had to make it heavy duty due to the possible snow load during the winter months. This is important since we couldn't angle the slope of the roof very much without compromising the height clearance.

Making the corner fit together was challenging also, with each piece having to be measured, angled, cut, and fitted to meet the adjoining stringer. That corner beam is longer than the rest and is actually two beams sistered together and nailed with spikes into the notched post. There are no posts along the back wall, so the main beams have been attached with joists on another beam secured to the garage.

Tomorrow we pick up the metal roofing and continue working while the weather is dry. One of these days we may even get back up north to do some early season kayaking or boating...if it happens to hit 70 degrees!

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