Thursday, June 30, 2016


While Dave was loading up some of his classic motorcycles to take to the annual Rhinebeck show, I started going through some of my photos from this past spring. Much to my surprise, I came across the shots I took during the Volkswagen exhibition in Daytona last April and realized that I hadn't posted any here on the blog.  The attendance seems to increase each year with everything from pristine vehicles to bare bones (that even ran!).  I hope you enjoy the sampling of pictures as much as I liked reminiscing...

Monday, June 27, 2016


This weekend we brought back this picnic table to Ti to replace the glass table that was there. We found that we had to bring in the chairs that went with the set, every time we left or there was a storm. If we don't store them inside, they tend to blow away. Heck, even the glass table flipped over once and was out on the lawn. The wood table started out up north, since we traded it for a boiler furnace that was in the cellar. Then it went home, and was in one of the antiques verandas, making a nice place for lunch...and a toilet for all the birds who nest under the roof! Dave bought another used picnic table on Craig's list for the veranda and now this one is back where it belongs. After pressure washing, it looks like new and ready for a party...
It's still surprises me to see Dave off the ground doing any project at all. When you're 'vertically challenged' though, this is the best way to get the job done. Afterwards he was up on the extension ladder, pressure washing the mold spots off the north side of the house. No photos were taken though, because I was holding the ladder, which was definitely the prudent thing to do! It's amazing the things you find to do when you retire. LOL

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Am Not Alone

Dave recently dropped me and my kayak off at the lower LaChute Falls so that I could meander my way down current, making it a one way trip. Meanwhile he went out on the SeaDoo from the Ticonderoga/Lake Champlain launch ramp down to Whitehall and back. We were then supposed to meet up at the ramp. It was a nice quiet day with the usual turtles and birds, and the current was negligible because of the lack of rain. The water was actually so low that I couldn't take my entrance into the backwater marshes and had to do the limbo at one point, to even get up the side creek.

Then I picked up a passenger! Remember Wilson from the movie 'Castaway'? Well, I found and saved Franklin!

He was the perfect companion for the rest of my trip. I have no clue what we will do with him now that he is home in the garden. I guess he could become a scarecrow.

I found two new beaver lodges too. One was next to the railroad tracks, and the other one was right near the shortcut through the reeds into the main lake by the fort. Both looked to be active with fresh branches and mud on them.

It was a fairly hot day when we did our duo water adventure and I knew it would take Dave longer than me to get back to the launch ramp. I eyed a nice little beach with shade that would work perfectly for me to wait for Dave to come around the last corner. As I paddled up to the sand, this strange looking animal came waddling over to the fallen log that I had intended to sit on, and then headed down to the water, oblivious to my presence. As he got closer I realized that it was a porcupine! I couldn't help but laugh out loud, which got his attention and his quills up! I sure was glad I was still in my kayak and slowly backed away.

You never know what you are going to see out on the water, and I certainly wasn't alone this time! Now that I think of it, I should have sent Franklin out to chase the porcupine away. ;-)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Content As Spectators

During the winter we are really involved in the HTSC's races, with both the cruising boats, dinghies, and Sunfish. Yesterday we were content just to be spectators at the two day Hobie Cat Regatta held at Schroon Lake. I doubt this group that came all the way from Syracuse raced on Saturday, because there was no wind, and even Sunday's fluky winds caused delays in the race starts. At one point they had to completely move the course offshore more. There was no wind whatsoever and as soon as Dave got up to get some lunch, a huge gust of wind came, blowing everything not tied down, way down the beach. The Hobies were flying a hull and it was exciting. As soon as Dave came back, all was calm again, and I don't think he believed me. Ah yes, the many moods of the Adirondack lakes!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Water Tour

Our friends Heinz and Jacqueline came to Ticonderoga for a visit and a tour of Lake George, since they have never boated on the lake. It was totally calm on the way down to Bolton Landing, but a bit rough on the way back when the wind picked up out of the north. Moxie handled it no problem. What a fun day on the water showing them all our favorite bays and swimming spots on the lake.

Footnote: If going to lunch by boat, go to the Algonquin Restaurant in Bolton Landing. The food and service were great, with dockhands at the ready to help us. This was a very nice surprise since we first tried going to the Sagamore Hotel, but were turned away and told to go around the other side of the island to find dockage. When Dave tried to call the hotel to find out the correct procedure, they kept transferring him until he was cut off...three times. That's when we discovered the Algonquin....we'll be back!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun

We have finally been having a stretch of beautiful weather. Unfortunately all my photos are still on my phone and we are being frugal with our internet data usage, so uploading here won't happen until we get back home. Stay tuned and while you wait, take a look back at previous summers' posts to see what the fun is all about!

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Reminder

It was a gorgeous 80 degree calm day and we decided to exercise Foxie (also known as My Boat Now since I love driving it), our pristine 2001 17 ft. Sea Fox center console skiff that we've owned since new. This is the perfect boat for Lake Champlain and it can handle the waves if the wind happens to pick up. It was so calm when we reached the launch ramp at Westport that there was fog on the lake...a very chilly fog, I might add. Thank goodness I had brought my sweatsuit, but Dave was ready for 80 degree air temps with only his shorts and t-shirt on. We had quite the reminder to wait until the water temps are higher than 60 degrees, as we cruised along the NY and VT shorelines looking for any kind of warm breeze from the land. Out in the middle of the lake it was downright frigid and it suddenly came to me that we tried this last year and at the time said, "remind us next year not to come up here so early!" We did have a nice lunch in picturesque McNeil Cove in Charlotte, VT where the ferry from Essex, NY transits to and from.

Then we found an even better spot tucked up in the corner of Button Bay, VT, and soaked up the sun and heat before heading back across the open water to Westport. Not a soul was there, reminding us again that it's still early in the season!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Exploring On Two Wheels

When the wind blows too much to be on the lakes, it's time to explore with the Aprilia. During out latest outing, we took some back mountain roads and ended up in Whitehall. One of our favorite stops is Skene Manor, which overlooks the village and the last of the Champlain Canal's locks (or first if you are heading south from the lake).

 We never seem to be there when they are open, but the view is spectacular. 

Skene Manor was built by NYS Supreme Court Judge Joseph H. Potter and it has been sold many times during its history. I even remember when it was a restaurant when Dave and I first started going up north through Whitehall to his parents' camp on Lake George. To read all about the manor, click HERE.