Monday, June 6, 2016

A Reminder

It was a gorgeous 80 degree calm day and we decided to exercise Foxie (also known as My Boat Now since I love driving it), our pristine 2001 17 ft. Sea Fox center console skiff that we've owned since new. This is the perfect boat for Lake Champlain and it can handle the waves if the wind happens to pick up. It was so calm when we reached the launch ramp at Westport that there was fog on the lake...a very chilly fog, I might add. Thank goodness I had brought my sweatsuit, but Dave was ready for 80 degree air temps with only his shorts and t-shirt on. We had quite the reminder to wait until the water temps are higher than 60 degrees, as we cruised along the NY and VT shorelines looking for any kind of warm breeze from the land. Out in the middle of the lake it was downright frigid and it suddenly came to me that we tried this last year and at the time said, "remind us next year not to come up here so early!" We did have a nice lunch in picturesque McNeil Cove in Charlotte, VT where the ferry from Essex, NY transits to and from.

Then we found an even better spot tucked up in the corner of Button Bay, VT, and soaked up the sun and heat before heading back across the open water to Westport. Not a soul was there, reminding us again that it's still early in the season!

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