Monday, June 27, 2016


This weekend we brought back this picnic table to Ti to replace the glass table that was there. We found that we had to bring in the chairs that went with the set, every time we left or there was a storm. If we don't store them inside, they tend to blow away. Heck, even the glass table flipped over once and was out on the lawn. The wood table started out up north, since we traded it for a boiler furnace that was in the cellar. Then it went home, and was in one of the antiques verandas, making a nice place for lunch...and a toilet for all the birds who nest under the roof! Dave bought another used picnic table on Craig's list for the veranda and now this one is back where it belongs. After pressure washing, it looks like new and ready for a party...
It's still surprises me to see Dave off the ground doing any project at all. When you're 'vertically challenged' though, this is the best way to get the job done. Afterwards he was up on the extension ladder, pressure washing the mold spots off the north side of the house. No photos were taken though, because I was holding the ladder, which was definitely the prudent thing to do! It's amazing the things you find to do when you retire. LOL

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  1. If you hadn't explained what he was doing I would have thought he found a creative way to water the lawn.