Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to T.I.

The fun never ends...or at least it seems that way. We have just returned from spending 5 days up in the Thousand Islands, including attending the annual Antique Boat Show and Auction in Clayton with several friends from Hope Town.

We didn't take very many photos at the boat show, but this Coronado was definitely our favorite.

In the days before the Clayton show, we were out in Moxie and had a blast. Friends Jim and Sharon brought their Monterey up and we cruised around the islands. Other HTSC friends Peter and Linda were visiting the area, so we took them out and all six of us went to Boldt Castle and Yacht House. 

This is the view from the Yacht House to the castle.

When we went back to our boats, Jim had surprise hitchhikers on his swim platform. It was so funny because we were trying to be so quiet to get photos, but that wasn't necessary because no matter what Jim did, including starting the engine, the ducks wouldn't leave. He finally shooed them off and I think they would have gladly gone for a ride.

Freighters were in abundance traversing the Seaway and we still love seeing them. What a unique area!

 On Sunday morning we went kayaking from Kring Point State Park before heading back home. It was really picturesque and we were so lucky that it was totally calm. It was the perfect ending to our mini-vacation.

So, if you are one of my daily visitors to this blog (and I really appreciate it!), but don't see any posts for awhile, you can rest assured that we are out having fun or just being boring (highly unlikely). The photos below sum up our summer...Going, going, gone!

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