Monday, August 22, 2016

'Mystical' Engines

Dave and I attended the 25th Annual Antique Marine Engine Expo at Mystic Seaport that was held this past weekend. It was quite a display with engines of all sorts...large, small, inboard, outboards, diesel, gas, and many we didn't even know what their purpose was. The best thing was that most were running!

I especially liked the miniature engines that were all in service, plus many model boats.

This is a model of the Seaport's Sabino that gives harbor tours. 

They even had a pond available for the remote control boats to cruise around in. There were RC tugs, barges, sailboats, and classic wooden runabouts meandering around.

We also checked out the schooners that are on display including the Charles W. Morgan, Joseph Conrad, and the famous slave ship Amistad.

That's a lot of confusing rigging on the Morgan...

Although acting as captain on the Joseph Conrad now, I don't think that Dave would have liked being in charge back when the schooner was in service training up to 80 teenage (or younger) cadets for 6 months at a time!

It was a perfect day to revisit the Seaport and all it has to offer, including the waterfront itself. We were jealous of those people out on the water, so next time we'll plan to go sailing or at least bring our kayaks. 

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