Friday, August 12, 2016

Where Are We Now?

It sure looks like we are in some foreign country with the sailing dory at anchor, but we were really at Thayer Beach in Colchester, Vermont. The sand is beautiful at this shallow water beach on the south side of Mallet's Bay in Lake Champlain. Mallet's Bay is so large that it's like its own lake within a lake.

Once we were done touring the bay we headed back to the New York side and Valcour Island for another swim. We were completely shocked when we got out into the main lake and saw it was flat calm...a nice switch from the two foot waves on the way over from the Peru launch ramp (gee, maybe we WERE in a foreign country!). Of all the times we have been on Lake Champlain we have never even been close to Colchester Reef, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Despite a couple of danger buoys and the main concrete and rock marker that you can see in the distance, there wasn't anything else to determine where the rocks and shallow water started and ended, pretty much in the middle of the lake. With the low water levels right now, some of the rocks are showing, but in the spring they may not be visible at all, yet still lurking just below the surface. It must be pretty dynamic here when there is a storm or high winds and waves. Our advice to anyone sailing near here is to stay way clear of the area! Dave just had to get out and walk around though...

Just another one of our fun adventures to add to our 'history book'!

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