Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Waiting For Matthew

And unfortunately I don't mean my nephew Matthew!  See how lovely the beach looked a few days ago?

That will soon change. Following Hurricane Matthew's progress has been frustrating and as each three hour prediction is issued, it looks worse for the Bahamas and then on to us in Florida. I have secured all loose things that could blow around and have plans to drain my mother's pool down a lot so that it doesn't overflow and come into the house. The big problem is that there are three big live oak trees around her house and we have already had quite a bit of rain. At least if the uproot they will probably fall away from the house, or at least I hope so.

This morning I went outside and it was so wet that we had ducks in the yard, that wandered in from the local pond a block away.

After many phone calls and texts to Dave about what has been happening, this afternoon he told me he is going to fly down temporarily and be with us. This will also help if there are mandatory evacuations. Heck, he's even bringing his mask and snorkel in case he has to do anything outside during the storm. Gee, you never know where he is going to show up, and I certainly am relieved. If it happens that the storm veers out to sea or it's not so bad, then it will still be worth it. I will post more when I can after the storm. Wish us luck!

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