Thursday, November 24, 2016

Look Who's Back!

Randy the manatee was at our marina docks yesterday morning. He can be identified by the V-shaped notch in the right side of his tail. Randy travels the Bahamas and was seen this summer at Castaway Cay, which is around the the other side of Great Abaco including swimming past Little Harbour, Cherokee, and the famous Hole in the Wall Lighthouse. Now he's back here in Hope Town looking for a drink of fresh water from the dripping hose. It's hard not to give him water and lettuce, but it's best not to do this, because it encourages manatees to get too close to boats and injuries. However, Randy has been known to nuzzle rubber inflatable dinghies. I think he thinks they are other manatees. Of course legend has it that originally, sailors thought manatees were mermaids, so who has the better eyesight...or imagination?

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