Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet Gertrude!

Gertrude is the boatyard's free roaming hen. There are tons of chickens roaming the islands and it's odd to have just one hanging around, especially with all the people coming and going. Dave started feeding her Cap'n Crunch and we throw it to her from our balcony. Well, Gertrude is getting too smart and I found her on our porch yesterday! I wonder if the roosters, that I love hearing in the distance, will soon be moving closer to be near her. Wouldn't that be fun to wake up to right outside my window? Then again, some of the employees have been feeding her by hand and it just makes me wonder if they have an ulterior some day she may be chicken soup. I guess we better enjoy her company and clucking while we can. Maybe she'll leave us some fresh eggs!

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