Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trail Hoppin'

On this side of the harbor, we have no real roads, just trails. Some of the trails are wider, like the one that goes from the marina to the landing on the Sea of Abaco, where the barge brings the roll off trucks in.

This is the bridge to nowhere. It was installed in anticipation of houses being built out on this island. It's only wide enough for golf carts and very small trucks.

Going back past both our boatyard and the Hope Town Marina, I have a 'secret' entrance to the trail that leads to the cove called Fry's Mangrove.

It's about a mile long and I have to watch where I am going all the time. The trail is inundated with coral rock and tree roots. Right now they are harder to see because there are lots of dead leaves from the hurricane on top of everything. One trip and fall could cause major injury.

The trail winds through the trees and underbrush. What a strange place to be selling land, although it probably goes all the way to the Sea of Abaco.

Upon arrival at Fry's Mangrove, this boat is tied up in a tiny hurricane hole. Several large ropes are tied to the trees in the woods.

 The cove is so serene, especially in an east wind. It's a different story when the west wind blows straight in. 

We know quite a few of the homeowners here. Evans and Gaynel built this house way up on a ridge.

Dan & Sharon have their house aptly named "Home Frys" on the water.

This is my favorite house that friend Gail owns named "Bryan's Bungalow" with spectacular water views, and complete with statue named "Kate".

Mark and Kim were Harbour Rats that have moved to land. They bought a house in the cove and extended their dock to accommodate their sailboat Spirit.

On the way back to our apartment, I came across these cacti. We usually don't see them around and it reminded me of when we used to go to the Virgin Islands. 

I also saw this red-legged thrush which not only comes to the Bahamas, but also frequents the Cayman islands. It had red eyes too.

Eventually the trails lead to the main road called The Queen's Highway. Although my trek is usually pretty quiet, you just never know what or who you are going to see. It's all part of the adventure!

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