Thursday, December 22, 2016

As It Should Be

Today was one of those rare days with no wind and barely a ripple on the water. Dave went snorkeling with some friends that are in town, but I could not pass up this opportunity to go kayaking. This is actually only the second time I have been out paddling due to all the wind and we've had so many other things going on. It's hard to believe this is the second day of I still floating?

It looks like I am ready to rob a bank, but no, I'm just being super careful now that I have had several skin cancers popping up.

On my way past Paul & Ann's house (get well soon Paul), I saw a conch shell washed up on their beach. I stopped to check it out and it was alive!

What a gorgeous mature queen conch. After my photo shoot, I walked out to deeper water and placed it carefully in the sea grass. Saved for another day. This conch would be quickly made into lunch or dinner by someone who actually likes to eat 'swimmies' as my friend Catherine calls fish and shellfish.

I also saw several sea turtles and a large spotted eagle ray in my travels, but they are so quick I couldn't get photos. Now this is why we come to Abaco! 

I passed by a man on an SUP (stand up paddleboard) on the way back to Hope Town and I made the comment, "it sure is beautiful out here today." His answer said it best..."That's an understatement!"

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