Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blown Apart

This is what happens to those long strands of Christmas lights when the wind blows 25-30+ mph for 48 hours...

That wasn't even one of the strands tied to the trees or fence that have a tendency to chafe. It was out in the open, but right on the windward side of the lighthouse. We noticed it was blowing freely and unattached last night. This morning we went up to the top of the lighthouse again (this is getting to be great exercise) and retrieved the broken pieces. Up at the top it was blowing at least 40 mph and hard to stand! I don't know how any of those tiny lights stay together. Actually I don't know how any of the lighthouse panes of glass hold together, and this wasn't even a hurricane. Thank goodness there is restoration work going on, but it must be challenging to work that high in the wind. Tomorrow when the wind calms down we will restring the red lights with our spare parts. Cross your fingers that the wind doesn't kick up again during the next few weeks and the rest of the lights stay lit.

1 comment:

  1. Seems like we all struggle with those light strands every year...wind or no wind.I think they make them so they must be replaced Frequently!