Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lighthouse Lighting

Ten volunteers showed up this year to help put the holiday light strands on the Elbow Reef Lighthouse. We had all new lights that had to be tied together in 12 long strands, hoisted up to the top with a fishing hand line, and secured to the 12 posts and railings, while the bottom crew secured the strands to stakes and fences.

Unfortunately, the wind that was forecasted to ease, did not, so the project was challenging. Plus work at the top of the lighthouse has been ongoing with removal of the old paint and rust. They have had black nets around the areas being worked on to contain the rust and paint in each area, which Jackson and his work crew kindly stopped working and took down for us to install the lights (their work is amazing but very noisy with hammering and air chiseling to get it down to bare metal to repaint). This photo of the nets was taken late in the day.

Even though we test all the strands before attaching them, there always seem to be some that have portions out. It's always worth it to see those lights at night though and everyone in Hope Town and the surrounding area appreciates it.

 Having the moon setting behind the decorated lighthouse was an added bonus, thanks to Mother Nature!

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