Friday, December 2, 2016

Tis The Season

Even though it is barely past Thanksgiving, everyone is starting to decorate around Hope Town. Tonight we helped set up several of the trendy laser light projectors here at our marina. Next will be decorating the clubhouse and of course our famous lighthouse. The lights for that are on their way here as I write this. Along with decorating come all the local events like caroling, the children's Christmas play (this year named Christmas in Bethlehem Gulch) and the second annual Christmas Village, which is supposed to be even bigger and better than last year. The proceeds from this event benefit the new St James Community Center, which has been under construction for a couple years and nearing completion.

Dave and I helped finish one of the kids games for that festival this week...Skee Ball. The game was actually already made but we had to devise a ball return. Dave went around the boatyard and rounded up plywood, 2x4s and several pieces of gutter. We made a V with two pieces of plywood that angled down into the gutter that ran the length of the table, which was actually two parts, top and bottom (easier to transport). So we lined up the gutter from the top and the gutter from the bottom, supporting it with the 2x4s and it worked! Ingenious, but as we were testing it out, we realized that Skee Ball is definitely not a sport we excel at. We'll stay away from it at the festival. 😀

In the background of the photo above is one of several of Hope Town's cemeteries. Right over the hill is the ocean.

Part of the Christmas and holiday cheer is the sailing club's holiday dinner, which Dave and I are in charge of this year. We have to coordinate all the food, decorations, tables, chairs, set up, and clean up. We've helped for so many years, we figured we might as well take a turn at organizing it. "What WAS I thinking?!"

Stay tuned for more photos to be posted here as all the season's events unfold.

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