Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Work is Never Done...Sort Of

We have our Abaco Dinghy Dandy all apart to repaint it the color we originally intended. Dave has also been working on epoxying some of the seams and sanding it down. The pinkish coral color was a mixture of other colors, but it didn't turn out quite as we wanted it to. Hopefully it will now be white with orange/melon trim. First we unscrewed the individual pieces inside, then pressure washed and hosed it down to ready it for the next step.

In between all this, Dave has also been working on the Rage mast and the wood 'Dutchman' is installed, sanded, and ready for its coat of paint.

For now though, the weather is absolutely gorgeous with 80 degree temps and hardly a breath of wind after several days of 25 mph winds and showers. Work will have to wait until the next cold front arrives in a few days. Until then we play!

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