Thursday, January 19, 2017

All In One Day

Yesterday was another one of those rare calm winter days. In fact it was so calm that the cruising boat race was postponed for a day. The postponement was just what we needed, since the importation paperwork for Walkabout was finally ready. We jumped in Safari and went to Marsh Harbour to complete the transaction and get a Bahamian registration. While Dave did that, I took our little cart up to the grocery store, meeting back at the dock, amazingly within a few minutes of each other. We finished up all our business so fast, we were back in Hope Town by 11:30 AM. Dave had a great idea to take the skiff the approximately 15 miles north to Guana Cay and do a bit of land exploring there, which we haven't done for awhile. The South Man-O-War cut was flat calm so we went outside and around MOW on the ocean side (notice our 'new', aka re-purposed, grab rail on the bow of the boat which aides in getting on and off, anchoring, and docking).

The conditions were perfect for a quick stop at Fowl Cay Reef to feed the snappers, until Mr. Barracuda showed up. No energetic Bermuda Chubs came to the surface though.

Back we headed into the Sea of Abaco near private Scotland Cay and on to Great Guana. 

Guana is known for its partying and bars. Grabbers, which overlooks the Sea of Abaco, sure looks tropical!

There are two dive shops here now, one of which features these undersea scooters.

We walked up past the school that we remember from back in 1986 when we first came here. The old and the there is a cell tower, and you have to love the electrical wire hook ups. That pole actually looks pretty organized compared to some.

The beach here is wide and spectacular. We walked to Nippers, which twice a year features the Barefoot Man Concert. 

The place is so picturesque, but hardly anyone is here during this time of year. During the concert, things look a whole lot different with wild drunk people everywhere. It's quite an experience.

On the way back to the dock we noticed this 'personal watercraft'. Apparently the engine must have died and they put about a 40 hp outboard on it. I sure hope Dave doesn't get any ideas for our Sea Doo at home, although then we wouldn't have to worry about it charging the battery anymore!

The sun was getting low in the sky as we headed back down the huge government dock, then back to Hope Town.

That evening we had another gorgeous sunset making it a fitting ending to a memorable day!

(Thanks Art for posting the sunset photo on Facebook.)

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