Friday, January 6, 2017

Another "WWDD" Day

The first cruising boat race of the season was held on Wednesday, and since the Abaco Rage did not have its mast rigged yet, Dave went sailing on our friend Milton's Capri 25 named Sunrise. Minutes before the start of the point to point race around Garden and Sandy Cays near Man-O-War (with the southwest wind it ended up being a challenging downwind start), the tiller broke off and delaminated where it attaches to the rudder post.

That's where the "What Would Dave Do" comes into play and he had his WWDD shirt on just in case. They almost dropped out of the race, but Dave jury rigged the tiller, tied up the delaminated sections, but then had to sit on where it attaches, so it wouldn't jump off the post. Sounds uncomfortable, but luckily the race ended up being about an hour long, since the wind picked up and the boats flew around the islands.

WWDD? We certainly know he wouldn't give up!
(Thanks Will for the race photos.)

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