Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good Decision

Dave wasn't sure he made the right decision not to launch Dandy for the Abaco Dinghy races today. When we woke this morning to 15 mph winds, he was glad he had reserved one of the Sunfish instead. Several of the dinghies went out and two of them capsized in the wind and waves. I spent most of the three race series helping Heinz pump out his boat with our electric pump, and then towing him back into the harbor. Dan tried towing the boat, aptly named Nothin's Easy, over to shore so it could be bailed out without waves washing in. It didn't work too well, so they finally took the sails, mast, and boom off.

As we were headed back to Hope Town, I saw Dave passing the windward mark and he was sailing fantastic! He later said it was one of his most fun days of racing he has ever had. He came in 5th out of 14 boats , which is extremely good.

Many thanks to Bill and Maureen from the trawler Sweet Freedom who gave me these photos to use (Dave is #2571). It was great that they were out on the course as spectators and taking pictures, since I was otherwise occupied 😉.

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