Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Memorable Trip South

Before the stormy weather arrived, we took our annual trek down to Little Harbour, complete with kayaks. 

It's great seeing Walkabout's new hailing port...

Even though it was calm out, the tide was high enough that the undercut rocky cliffs were blowing when the waves hit.

There were even blow holes at the entrance to the harbor.

The pounding waves must be so hard on the rock and you would think that more pieces would break off and fall into the water. You can see the light color area where this must have recently happened:
We decided to take a hike on land and stopped in to see the Johnston Foundry and Gallery. The foundry was closed but the gallery gift shop was open. There were gorgeous bronze items for sale, but way out of our price range. If we ever win the lottery, I am going back to get the spectacular combination turtle and sea ray coffee table for $35,000 (I reminded Dave that our 40th anniversary was coming up in another year 😉)! Statues made on the premises are everywhere. Someday we would like to be here to witness one of their pourings.

As we hiked around, it was fun being on the beach and up on the cliffs that we had just kayaked under.

The pond that used to dry out at low tide many years ago is now dredged and a perfect hurricane hole for boats.
We couldn't resist taking the overgrown path up to the abandoned lighthouse, but I'm going to keep you in suspense about that for another day! Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip...it was definitely memorable.

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