Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Try Try Again

After postponing the Dinghy and Sunfish races due to inclement weather a week ago, the race committee thought the conditions would be okay for this past Sunday's competition. A cold front was expected to arrive later in the day with rain and the usual gusty northwest wind. Races begin at 1 PM, but by the time the 11:30 AM skippers meeting was held, the wind had already started to increase. The decision was made not to have the Abaco Dinghies go out, but the Sunfish could handle it. By 12:30 the cold front gods decided to descend upon the race course earlier than expected. Winds gusted to over 20 mph and the races were cancelled after a couple of boats bowed out and others flipped over. Dave and another racer were in complete control and decided to quickly round the makers that had been set on the course before they were picked up, and everyone headed back to the dock. The mark boat helpers were totally drenched and although the race committee was prepared with foul weather gear, they said they had never been that cold before. You can imagine how the sailors felt.

Dave however had a blast, and not only did he have a rollicking sail to windward out of the harbor, but he flew downwind back in. Once he got back home he jumped into the hot shower, still in his wetsuit and hat.

I was so glad I decided not to go out on the course to take photos that day. We'll try again next Sunday!

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