Monday, January 23, 2017

Where'd It Go?

Our dynamic cold front luckily didn't arrive until just after dawn this morning. However, it was a bit unnerving hearing there were tornado warnings in Daytona last night, but they were rotating clouds with no touch downs. As the front progressed southward and the squalls hit here, the harbor disappeared! Where did all the boats go?

It was wild for about half an hour and it rained so hard that the rain went over the gutters. I think the cisterns still accumulated quite a bit of water though.

After the storm passed, Dave went to check on our boats to make sure the bilge pumps when on and found the boatyard's little skiff floating out of the harbor. Their was so much water run-off into the harbor that it looked like a creek flowing out to the Sea of Abaco. Dave and marina manager Craig jumped in Craig's boat and they rescued the skiff. At least they didn't have to go far. If Dave hadn't noticed it, everyone would have really wondered where'd it go?

This afternoon the skies cleared up, but the wind was blowing about 30+ mph from the west causing the Sea of Abaco to be a maelstrom. Even tonight as I write this, there is another round of thunderstorms passing by. Yup, it's still winter!

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