Monday, January 9, 2017

Wild Night

We had a nasty cold front come through the other night with 46 mph winds that finally went down to about 30-35 for 24 hours. During the night our porch chairs started 'walking' downwind. At 3:30 AM, the boatyard's workshop started banging like crazy. The rusted bottom part of the metal building has been removed and replaced with concrete, but the tin part still isn't attached. However, it hangs loose from a wood plank and the high winds started swinging and banging it around. I tried sleeping with earplugs in and even moved to the other bedroom, but the whistling jalousie north side windows chased me out to the livingroom to read...until the power went out! I waited about an hour and a half, to see if it would come back on before waking Dave (who was sleeping like a baby through all this). He went down and started the generator and tried securing the metal building, but that only lasted for a little while until the wind shook the lines loose. Back to bang, bang, bang, BAM every 5 minutes. At 7 AM I noticed the power was back on and instead of waking Dave again, I went down and shut off the generator and switched all the circuit boxes back to AC power. All except one that jammed and took several inches of skin off my forearm. I wasn't quite this happy at the time...

All day long the power fluctuated with lights dimming, and it even went off again a couple more times, including while I was in the middle of doing laundry causing all the washers and dryers to shut off. Running up and down the stairs to start the generator is great exercise! Once it was daylight out, Dave tied down the loose tin on the building and I wish the workers would get that project done. Manana, I'm sure.😉 Now it's going to continue blowing 20-25 mph for at least a week. Such is life in paradise at times.  

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  1. Sounds like what's coming to Glenville tonight- except we'll have an added ingredient- snow.