Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hard To Believe

It sure is hard to believe that Dave and I were married 39 years ago today! We have done a lot in all those years and our lives certainly have been diverse. I wish I had a wedding photo to put on here, but this is us now. There aren't too many photos taken of the two of us because I am usually the photographer...

Next year will be our 40th and how can we top what we already do? Perhaps we'll go back to the Bahama's Exuma Islands like we did in New Horizon. I wonder if our sign is still on Boo Boo Hill?

Then again, maybe we'll just stay here. I love this photo from the Hope Town Marina's hot tub that Catherine took. In fact it is part of a family collage hanging in my mother's room at Grace Manor.

Happy anniversary Dave! Here's to 39 more years as our story continues!